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100's, 110's or 120's Cotton: a measure of the fineness (or thinness) of cotton; the higher the number, the finer the cotton

1/4-Top Front Pocket: pocket opening equal to approximately one-fourth of the distance between side/hip seam and zipper

3D FitFOAM™ Sock Liner: in golf shoes, provides ultimate support, comfort, and a customized fit


Abzorb®: in footwear, a polyurethane-based material in midsole provides shock absorbency and reduces stress on body

Abzorb® DTS: Dynamic Transition System (DTS) combines Abzorb foam and Abzorb SBS to provide optimal cushioning and a smooth transition on heel strike

Abzorb® SBS: unique cored design absorbs shock, displaces energy and offers enhanced cushioning

Acrylic: manmade fiber with a soft, wooly hand and excellent color retention properties; dries quickly and resists wrinkles

adiPRENE® Technology: provides forefoot resiliency and shock absorption at the heel

Air Circulation System: features intake vents near the sole to allow cooler, fresher air to enter

Airport-Friendly Shoes: let you walk through an airport metal detector without having to take off your shoes

ALF Antibacterial Lining: applied to microfibers and suedes to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria

Anorak: hooded pullover with zipper that does not run full length of front; less bulky than a standard jacket

Antibacterial Finish: treatment to material that makes it resistant to, or prevents the growth of, bacteria

Anti-Microbial Finish: treatment applied to garments to reduce presence of odor-causing bacteria

Antique Finish: achieved through a sanding and washing process for an aged look

ASTM F2413-05 approved: Footwear conforming to this specification shall meet the performance requirements for the following: impact resistance for the toe area of footwear; compression resistance for the toe area of footwear; metatarsal protection that reduces the chance of injury to the metatarsal bones at the top of the foot; conductive properties which reduce hazards that may result from static electricity buildup and reduce the possibility of ignition of explosives and volatile chemicals; electric shock resistance; static dissipative (SD) properties to reduce hazards due to excessively low footwear resistance that may exist where SD footwear is required; puncture resistance of footwear bottoms; chain saw cut resistance and dielectric insulation.

Athletic Fit: tailored look with the comfort of relaxed jeans; sits at natural waist; extra room in seat and thigh; straight leg.


Back Pleats: folds in the material that allow for better comfort and freedom of movement

Back Side Elastic: sections of elastic on the waistband of pants or shorts, usually starting behind the hip seam for several inches, which allows extra give in the waist

Back Yoke: fabric that connects the back to the shoulders, allowing garment to lay flat and drape nicely

Banded Collar: low collar that stands up straight and is buttoned in front

Barrel Cuff: fastens with button; some feature two buttons for adjusting fit

Basketweave: checkerboard pattern in which threads are woven into a loosely constructed fabric; popular in lighter weight styles

Besom Pocket: inset pocket finished with a narrow welted edge that frames the pocket opening; used on more formal, tailored styles

Bicycle Toe: shoe with a one-piece upper and toe, flanked by squared off stitching lines

Bi-Fit™ Insole: provides an optimal balance of rigidity and flexibility

Bit: metal ornament across the instep of a loafer or slip-on shoe

Blucher: dress shoe where sides and lacing are sewn on top of the vamp or on a piece of leather that covers the toe

Boa Lining: moisture-wicking lining of non-allergenic acrylic mimics the plush softness of sheepskin

Bomber Jacket: usually of leather or nylon, with two front pockets and zippered front, sometimes with sheepskin lining; originally called flight jackets, designed to keep bomber pilots warm

Bounce® Technology: reduces stress on feet by absorbing and then releasing back the energy generated from walking, putting a 'bounce' in your step

Box Pleat: a pleat with folded edges facing in opposite directions, usually found on the center back pleat of a dress or sport shirt

Broadcloth: fine, tightly woven fabric with subtle ribbing

Brushed: finishing process in which the mill mechanically brushes the knit or woven fabric to varied degrees of softness

Button-Down Collar: woven shirt collar that lies flat on the neck; collar points are anchored with buttons

Button-Through Pocket: features button on inside of pocket, buttonhole on outside of pocket


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Calfskin: high-quality, fine-grain leather that is supple, yet extremely durable

Cambrelle®: tough synthetic liner used in shoes and boots that is absorbent, breathable, and odor-resistant

Camp Shirt: a loose fitting, short sleeved button-down shirt, featuring a straight bottom that is meant to be left untucked, and an open, one-piece collar

Cap Toe: dress shoe with extra layer of leather 'capping' the toe, enhanced by a horizontal seam

Cargo Pocket: expandable, military-inspired pocket with side pleats, sewn to the shell of the garment

Chambray: a dressier fabric with white threads woven across colored threads

Chukka: lace-up ankle boot, usually with two or three eyelets

Classic Fit: sits just below natural waist; comfortable fit through rise and thigh

Clog: footwear style featuring a closed toe and open back

Collar: strip of material, often padded, which is attached to the opening of a shoe for comfort and decoration

Color Blocking: technique in which blocks of various fabrics are sewn together to create patterns of different colors

ColorBond®: finishing process that allows garments to retain their dark coloring much longer, even after numerous washings

Combed Cotton: process that removes all short fibers and impurities from cotton for a superior, smoother and more compact yarn

Comfort Curve®: in footwear, outsoles that flex where your feet flex for maximum comfort

Comfort-Fit: pants sit at the waist and fit loosely in the seat and thigh

Contoured Footbed: an insole that molds to the shape of the foot

Cool & Dry: fabric enhancement that absorbs moisture quickly

Coolmax®: fiber with superior wicking properties, moving moisture away from the skin and speeding cooling through evaporation

Cordovan: rare and high-quality shoe leather made from split horsehide

Cordura: a strong nylon that resists abrasions and tears

Counter: stiff plastic or other material placed in the heel of shoe between lining and upper to retain shape in the back of shoe

Croslite™: a closed-cell resin material that absorbs impact and is anti-microbial, eliminating odor and inhibiting bacterial growth


Dacron®: polyester fiber with high strength and great resistance to stretching and wrinkling

Denier: weight measurement used to refer to the fineness of a yarn or fiber; the higher the number, the heavier the fiber

Distressed Finish: process that gives the garment a used or uneven appearance

DMX Foam: in footwear, a proprietary foam that delivers superb cushioning; more consistent and longer lasting than standard midsole formulations

Dobby Weave: a decorative weave, characterized by small designs or geometric figures woven into the fabric

Dogger Heel: a slanted heel, usually found on western or motorcycle boots

Double-Barrel Cuff: fastens with two buttons, either horizontally or vertically

Drape: the way in which cloth falls relative to its flexible characteristics; the finer the fiber, the better the drape

Dri-Lex®: multi-zone system transports moisture away from skin, keeping the fabric layer closest to the skin dry, cool and comfortable

Dri-Lex® Lining: soft, ventilated nylon lining that removes moisture from the foot

Driver: casual shoe with rubber nubs as sole; also referred to as 'driving shoes'

Drop-Needle Stitching: knitting technique that provides a slightly ribbed effect, with thin parallel lines, dots, or other designs formed at set intervals

Dropped Shoulder Seams: provide a roomier fit and unrestricted movement

Dry-Action™: dries two times faster than cotton, quickly removes perspiration, and can be machine washed and dried

DTAC® Cleats: (Dynamic Traxion AC®) clog-resistant cleats that provide improved grip along with optimal stability and comfort

Dual Density Collar: uses a softer density foam against the foot for cushioning, and a firmer density foam for support

DuoMax® Support System: midsole materials that offer dual densities designed to provide comfortable over-pronation control

Dynamic Suspension® Technology: creates a thin cushion of air in the footbed that moves as you do, for a feeling of 'walking on air'


Easy-Care: fabrics that are restored to their original appearance after laundering, with little or no ironing required

Egyptian Cotton: fine, lustrous long staple cotton that is stronger than most other cotton and usually found in superior quality clothing

Elastane: a synthetic fiber known for its outstanding elasticity; it is stronger and more durable than rubber

Elon® Midsole: dual-density midsole that is molded for firm support, yet soft enough to absorb impact

End-on-End Fabric: closely woven fabric with alternating fine colored yarn and white yarn, creating a mini checkered effect with a smooth texture

Enzyme Washed: fabric is washed in chemicals to soften and give appearance of being worn

Epaulet: a band of fabric, often attached with a button, that adorns the shoulder of a jacket or shirt, styled with a military look

EVA: (ethylene vinyl acetate) lightweight, shock-absorbing synthetic rubber commonly used in shoe insoles and midsoles

EVA Smart Comfort Biorhythmic Chassis: channels air through a series of interconnected chambers to provide cushioning, spread impact force, and absorb shocks

Executive Cut (also referred to as portly): jackets and suits have a smaller difference or “drop” from the chest measurement to the waist measurement than a typical regular-cut jacket. Executive Cut jackets are designed specifically for men who carry more weight in their midsections, and they are proportioned so that these gentlemen can button their jackets properly without having to buy a larger-sized regular-cut jacket, which could be too big in the chest/shoulders as well as too long.

Extended Button-Tab Closure: creates a smoother appearance in waistband


Featherlite™ Unitsole: combines lightweight comfort and full cushioning with durability and traction

Flex Grooves: slight indentations found in the midsole of a shoe that help the shoe to bend with the foot under the ball

Footbed: another term for the insole that runs the entire length of the shoe

Forefoot: the broad, front section of the shoe between the ball and the toes

Forward Pleats: when the pleats on trousers open toward the zipper

French Cuff: two ends are pressed together and fastened with cuff links

French Terry Cotton: features looping and piling of the fabric on one side only; the fabric is lighter and cooler and offers plenty of stretch

Full-Grain Leather: retains the top or outer surface of the hide, which contains dense, tight fibers that are water-resistant and supportive

Fused Collar: processed collar with special interlining laminated to outer layer of shirt, to minimize wrinkling and wilting


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Gabardine: sturdy, tightly woven fabric of cotton, wool, or rayon twill

Gait: the natural movement of the foot while walking or running

Garment Dyed: process of dyeing a garment after it's been constructed, giving seams a darker and more worn look

Garment Washed: process of washing garment after it is constructed to produce a softer feel

Gingham: lightweight, yarn-dyed fabric with a checkered pattern

Glen Plaid: a group of stripes run vertically and horizontally to form a boxlike pattern

Goodyear Welt: shoe's insole is attached to the welt, which is then attached to the midsole or outsole, allowing the shoe to be resoled

Gore: in footwear, an elastic gusset that is used to provide a snug fit, usually on slip-on styles

Gore-Tex®: patented waterproof system that is impervious to rain, snow or sleet, while allowing perspiration to pass through

GORE-TEX® Membrane: waterproof, breathable membrane laminated to interior of shoe, which keeps foot dry by allowing perspiration to pass through

Green Rubber™ Sole: environmentally conscious sole made from recycled rubber tires

Gripper Waistband: flexible, non-constricting material comfortably holds garment in place

Gripstick™ Rubber Sole: provides dependable traction on all types of surfaces

GripZone: in golf shoes, the footbed surface locks the bottom of the foot securely in place during the swing, enhancing control and stability

Grommet: a reinforced eyelet in a garment through which a fastener is passed; also used for underarm ventilation

Gusset: a piece of fabric inserted into a seam to provide extra room and reduce stress on the seams


Hand Treated: washed for an already worn, broken-in look and feel

Heathered: use of lighter and darker contrasting colors to produce a mottled effect

Heel: the back of the upper where the heel of the foot sits

Herringbone: pattern that slants in alternate directions to form a series of parallel Vs or zigzags

Hidden Gore: in footwear, an elastic gusset that provides a snug fit, which is concealed by the shoe's tongue

Houndstooth: a weave in which the yarns are interlaced to produce a broken check pattern

HpFlow™: full-length water evacuation/drainage system allows for water and sand to easily escape from the shoe

Hydromove: fabric technology that transports moisture away from the skin to the surface of the material for rapid evaporation


Individual-Fit™ Waist: provides an undetectable extra inch in the waistband

Inseam: measurement from bottom of crotch area to lower ankle

Insole: the footbed of a shoe or boot, on which the foot rests

Instep: the upper, center section of the foot, between the toes and ankle


Jacket-Relaxer™: innovative stretch knit panels sewn into a jacket's lining that move and stretch with you, allowing shoulders extended range of movement

Jacquard: process of weaving repetitive patterns for a slightly raised effect

Jersey Knit: fabric without a distinct rib that is usually stretchy, breathable, and lightweight


Kangaroo Pocket: usually on sweatshirts or other casual attire, an oversized front pocket, which can also be used as a hand warmer

Kiltie: a decorative, fringed tongue over the vamp of a shoe

Kinetic Air Circulator™ System: offers durable cushioning and air-circulating technology


Lambswool: the highest quality wool taken from a sheep, it is soft, resilient and smooth, with superior spinning properties

Last: a form that matches the contours of the foot, over which a shoe is fashioned

Lateral: the outside edge of the upper of a shoe

Linen: cool, absorbent fabric that is stronger and more lustrous than cotton

Lining: the inside material of a shoe which surrounds the foot; can be made of a variety of fabrics such as leather or synthetic material

Loafer: a slip-on, laceless shoe

Locker Loop: a small loop of fabric sewn on back of a shirt near the neckline

Loose Fit: sits at natural waist; loose through hip and thigh; slightly tapered leg opening

Lug Sole: a heavy-tread, rubber sole that provides high durability and prevents slipping

Lycra®: elastic, synthetic fiber that provides strength and 'give' for more freedom of movement and better shape retention


Made-to-Measure: process in which a pre-made pattern is modified to fit the customer

Madras: threads of uneven thickness create a textured look and form a repeating pattern of stripes, checks or plaids

Manmade Materials: materials other than genuine leather, which are designed to look or function like leather; also known as synthetic materials

Mercerized: finishing process that strengthens cotton and results in a softer fabric with a slight sheen

Merino Wool: high-quality wool yarn that resembles the soft hand of cashmere

Microfiber: synthetic fibers that are finer than silk, which are lightweight, durable, and breathable

Microfleece: lightweight, double-sided microfiber fleece noted for its outstanding pill resistance, stretch, and chamois-like softness

Microsanded: unique process of brushing done to fabric that removes its toughness for an extremely soft feel

Microsuede: nylon/polyester blended yarn that is brushed twice to achieve a suede-like look and feel

Midsole: the layer of material between the innersole and sole, used for reinforcement or cushioning

Mitered Cuff: cuff style in which the corners are cut at a 45-degree angle

Moc Toe: seams or stitches run along the toe cap to give a gathered, ruched effect

Monk Strap: dress shoe fastened with buckle across instep


Nano-Dry™ Technology: permanent moisture control fabric enhancement keeps you cooler in warm weather and provides maximum soil resistance

Nano-Tex™: revolutionary technology resists spills, repels stains, wicks away moisture, and resists static

Nappa Leather: a supple version of sheepskin

N-Durance™: rubber compound for maximum durability in high-wear areas

Neck-Relaxer® Tab: hidden stretch tab in neck expands up to one full neck size for added comfort

Neoprene: synthetic rubber used in weatherproofing soles of shoes

N-FUSE® Technology: a two-density layered midsole which combines soft cushioning foam and firmer structured foam to provide impact protection, pressure distribution, plus structure and support

NIKE AIR Technology: pressurized air pads of varying pressure absorb the shock of impact

Notched Lapel: the most common lapel used on suit coats, sewn to the collar at an angle, for a step effect

Nubuck: lightweight, supple full-grain leather that is treated with a sanding process to provide a suede-like appearance

Nylon: synthetic fiber that is highly durable, resilient, flexible, and resists abrasion

Nylex™ Lining: absorbs moisture to keep feet cool and dry all day


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On-Seam Pocket: sewn on the inside of garment with its pocket opening sewn onto an opening in the seam

Open Sleeves: sleeves which have no binding at the sleeve ends

Orthotic: an orthopedic insole designed to cushion and stabilize the foot

OrthoLite®: insole made of polyurethane and rubber that keeps the foot dry, odor-free, and minimizes bacteria

Outseam: the distance from the bottom of a trouser leg to the top of the trousers at the waist

Outsole: the bottom outer sole of a shoe

Overdyed: a second dyeing process, which matches thread color to jeans color

Oxford: in footwear, a style of shoe with enclosed lacing


Patch Pocket: pocket sewn to the outside of a garment

Peached Finish: finish applied to washed poplin with a light nap that creates a soft, supple, 'peach fuzz' feel

Peak Lapel: the top line slants up from the horizontal, coming to a point and leaving only a narrow space between the collar and the lapel

Permanent Crease: chemically or mechanically manufactured so garment stays creased even after washing

Peruvian Cotton: a finer quality cotton, known for its long fibers, soft texture, and rugged durability

Pick Stitch: a small, running hand stitch at the edge of a collar or lapel, a hallmark of a high-end suit or jacket

Pigment Dyed: process in which the fabric is dyed with a pigment that is then partially washed out, creating a worn, slightly uneven appearance

Pima Cotton: superior blend of cotton, extremely durable and absorbent

Pinpoint: fine, very tightly woven oxford cloth with a soft, silky feel and remarkable durability

Piqué Knit: a pebble-like finish; used mainly in short-sleeved polos and tees

Placket: fabric that surrounds and reinforces a closure in a garment

Play Dry®: process in which the fabric's base layer moves moisture, accelerates ventilation, and reduces abrasion without trapping the body's thermal energy

Play Warm®: moisture management system features a 'cover layer' that creates 'dead air' space to slow the body's thermal energy loss, while assisting in the dispersion of moisture

Point Collar: edges point downward with little space between where collar meets; best for stockier features

Polarfleece®: the original synthetic fleece fabric is warm, quick-drying and long-lasting

Polartec®: a trademark used for a fleecy synthetic fabric that is warm, lightweight, and water-resistant

Polyester: manmade fiber that resists wrinkling, stretching and shrinking; quick drying and highly resistant to abrasion

Polyfill: a polyester fiber used mainly for insulation, but also as a base for quilting

Polypropylene: a polymer fiber that does not absorb moisture but wicks moisture away from the skin

Polyurethane: a heavier, less responsive, yet more durable midsole material

Poplin: a plain, tightly woven fabric with a heavier weft, creating a pronounced rib

Powerband Chassis: in golf shoes, a unique cradling TPU-midsole frame that is designed to improve leverage and weight shift for maximum energy transfer throughout the golf swing

Prewashed: process in which the garment is washed during creation to create a softer texture and faded appearance

Pronation: the slight inward rolling of the foot which is a natural part of the gait cycle

PVC: polyvinyl chloride, a plastic application used to waterproof a garment


Quarter Lining: the lining of the rear part of a shoe, typically made from leather or fabric


Rearfoot: the back section of the foot behind the arch that absorbs most impact

Relaxed Fit: sits just below natural waist; roomy fit through seat and thigh; slightly wider leg opening

Retro: style designed to resemble fashions of a past era in history

Reverse Pleats: when the pleats on trousers open toward the pockets

Ribbed Knit: double-knit fabric in which the rib wales intermesh alternatively on the front and back of the fabric, for good elasticity and shape retention; commonly used on shirt cuffs and collars

Ringspun Cotton: fabric undergoes a process that makes the raw cotton smoother for softness and comfort; compacts the fabric for more durable wear

Ripstop: nylon or cotton fabric that has a square grid of reinforcing thread woven in, to prevent continuous tearing of the fabric

Rise: length between top of waistband and bottom of crotch

Rollbar® Technology: in footwear, a molded piece of graphite material is positioned in the heel, providing motion control, maximizing rear foot stability, and preventing excess pronation


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Sandwashed: garment washing process intended to remove stiffness, making it soft to the touch

Sansabelt®: brand of men's trousers featuring a wide elastic band sewn into the waist to enhance the appearance of the pelvic area, intended to make a belt unnecessary

Scotchguard™: water-repellent treatment which allows the garment or shoe to resist moisture and stains

Shank: the portion of the sole between the heel and ball that is rigid enough to support the weight of the wearer

Shawl Collar: a one-piece collar which is turned down to form a continuous line around the back of the neck to the front

Shearling: sheepskin or lambskin with wool still attached; often used to line shoes or boots

Shirttail Hem: curved hem dips lower in front and back so shirt stays neatly tucked in

Shoc Pad™: blended polyurethane/EVA unit in the heel cup that evenly transfers the energy of impact throughout the footbed and away from the heel

Shoulder Pleats: pleats in back add fullness for better range of motion; also give shirt a more tailored look

Side Seam Pocket: pocket opening that is incorporated into the side seam of a garment

Side Tabs: make the waistband adjustable, usually with two buttons and a fabric tab

Side Vent: slit at the bottom of a side seam that allows for better comfort and ease of movement

Single-Needle Stitching: fabric is sewn twice, once up and once down the seam, leaving only a single row of stitches visible; will not pucker as double-needle seams can

Slash Pocket: pocket extending diagonally from the front of the waistband to the side seam

Slide: a flat or heeled open-toed shoe with a band stretched across the toes

Smart Comfort® Chassis: technology that spreads the force of impact and reduces shock to eliminate foot and leg fatigue

Snoot Toe: a square-like toe, generally on boots

Sock Liner: another word for the insole, which lines the inside of a shoe

Sole: the bottom part of a shoe, not including the heel

Solyte® Midsole: lighter than standard EVA or spEVA®, combined with improved cushioning and durability

SpEVA® Midsole: proprietary material that improves bounce-back characteristics, attenuates shock on impact, and decreases midsole breakdown

Spider Rubber®: non-marking rubber sole that performs well on wet or dry terrain

Split Seam Waistband: an interrupted waistband with an overlap, which can expand within certain limits

Split Toe: dress shoe with a vertical seam running down center of toe box

Spread Collar: smaller styling with a wider spread; best for slimmer features

Stain-Defender™: performance fabric provides excellent stain repellency against a variety of water and oil-based spills

Stain-Fighter™: a protective coating that causes soil and moisture to bead up and be repelled, rather than be absorbed by the fabric

Sta-Prest® Finish: features a permanent crease and is soil-resistant

Stonewashed: process in which the fabric is heavily washed for a weathered look, resulting in a softer fabric and reduced shrinking

Straight Hem with Side Vents: same or varied length straight hems with vents at sides for ease of movement

Stretch-Guard™ Panels: sewn into the armholes of suit jackets for freedom of movement and extraordinary comfort

Strobel Construction: insole is stitched to the upper along its perimeter, providing excellent flexibility and stability

Sueded Cotton: a fabric that goes through a brushing process to raise the nap and give the garment a soft hand

Supima® Cotton: a superior form of Pima cotton, grown in the US

Supplex®: a DuPont trademarked nylon fabric that is soft and supple like cotton, yet durable and quick-drying; is also stain, fade and shrink resistant

S.U.P.R.O. Sock Technology: (Super Underfoot Pedorthic Radical Orthotic) revolutionary orthotic cradles the foot in contoured padding and provides excellent shock absorption in heel and forefoot

Synthetic Materials: materials other than genuine leather, which are designed to look or function like leather; also known as manmade materials


Taped Seams: provide excellent shape retention and a neater appearance

Teflon® Stain Resistance: a fabric protector that delivers durable, long-lasting protection, guarding fibers from oil- and water-based stains, dust and soil

Tencel®: a soft, comfortable fiber with ideal moisture wicking properties

Tennistail Hem: hem that is slightly longer in back so the shirt can be tucked in and stay tucked in

Thinsulate®: a low-bulk insulation made of fibers that are around ten times smaller than other synthetic insulations; efficiently traps air and maintains warmth, and holds up to repeated washings or dry cleanings

THiNTech® Technology: in golf shoes, a low-profile system that promotes consistent ball-striking through added stability and improved footwork

Thong: in footwear, an open-toed sandal with a V-strap which fits between the big and second toes

Thread Count: refers to the number of threads that are used in a square inch of fabric; high thread count denotes a finer weave or fabric

Tinted Finish: jeans dyed a second time, usually with a yellow hue, to create a vintage look

Tipping: contrast striping found on the outer edge of a collar, sleeve cuff or bottom of garment

TPU: a material known as Thermoplastic Urethane which can be adjusted to increase stiffness in a shoe

TRAXION®: footwear technology designed to maximize ground grip and provide maximum comfort due to an even distribution of pressure

Triple-Needle Stitching: a finish used on a sleeve or hem that uses three needles to create parallel rows of visible stitching; results in added durability and a more finished appearance

Trusstic System®: component that molds to the mid-area part of the foot and, with the help of a contoured midsole, helps to control torsion

Tumbled Leather: created through a process that uses small pebbles to gently abrade the leather, which provides a soft texture and subtle sheen, for an upscale, yet casual, appearance


Ultra Flex EVA Outsole: lightweight sole reduces lift load and foot fatigue for all-day comfort

Ultrasuede: microfiber with the look and feel of suede; it is machine washable, wrinkle- and shrink-resistant, and colorfast

Upper: the upper part of a shoe, not including the sole


Vamp: the front part of a shoe upper that covers the toes and part of the foot

Vegetable-Tanned Leather: supple and brown in color, it is the only leather suitable for use in leather carving or stamping

Venetian: in footwear, a slip-on style that has no decorative adornments

Vibram® Sole: typically found on hiking boots, an outsole that has excellent non-slip and durability properties


Waffle Knit: a waffled, or squared, pattern knit or woven into a garment

Waist-Relaxer®: hidden waistband expands up to 4" for better comfort and fit

Watch Pocket: a small pocket located along the front waistband of pants or shorts

Weft: a filling thread or yarn that runs horizontally in weaving

Welt: a piece of leather sewn between the insole and outsole, meant to increase the durability of the shoe

Welt Pocket: found usually on a jacket chest, this type of pocket is set in to the jacket, rather than applied onto it

Whiskered: finishing process that produces lighter lines that look like wrinkles, usually near crotch and behind knees

Wicking: fabric property that draws moisture away from the skin and up to the surface, resulting in drier, more breathable fabric

Windowpane: checkered pattern characterized by vertical and horizontal lines that intersect to form a windowpane design; commonly used in dress shirts and suits

WindTec®: performance fabric that provides incredible wind protection

Wingtip: formal dress shoe with an overlay of decorative punched perforations on the toe and front of shoe

Wool Serge: extremely durable fabric made from a blend of wool and polyester for superior warmth and ease of use; heavier than gabardine, serge features the same diagonal ribbing and texture

Worsted Wool: smooth, compact yarns are highly durable and versatile; this fine material is more wrinkle resistant and holds a crease well; ideal for men's suits and sport jackets


Yarn-Dyed: process in which the yarns are colored before the fabric is woven

Yoke: a 'band' at the top of a garment over the shoulder area; may be a separate piece of fabric seamed into the lower part of garment, or may be a patterned area across chest and shoulder area


ZeroG® Technology: combines a lightweight shock-absorbing midsole with athletic construction, for almost weightless comfort

Zipper Tie: a pre-knotted tie with a hidden zipper inside which lets you easily adjust the tie


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