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The Best Hot Weather Fabrics for Big Men

  Summer heat and big guys don’t always mix, especially when we’re trying to dress for an occasion that’s more formal than, say, mowing...

Summer Wedding Survival Guide for the King Size Man

Just as you think you can put that suit and tie away for the summer, you get that invitation in the mail.  It’s wedding...

Bruce’s End-of-Summer Clothing Picks


Shoes of the Day — Reebok: Feel the Rush

Shoes of the Day — Adidas

Shoes of the Day — Vans

Shoes of the Day — Sole Comfort: Hush Puppies

You’ve Got it Made in the Shades!

Sunglasses offer instant coolness with very little effort.  If you haven’t already, invest in a good pair this summer.  Even if you’re not the...

5 Accessories Every Guy Needs This Summer

You’ve put away the heavy clothing for the season, and you’ve stocked up on shorts and lightweight shirts, but do you have everything you...