Get Rid of Those Briefs: The Big Man’s Guide to Big and Tall Underwear


By Bruce Sturgell of Chubstr

If you’re like most guys, you don’t think much about your underwear. You’ve been wearing the same tighty-whities since you were a kid, and there’s no reason to change now.  While it’s good to find something and stick with it, sometimes changing things up can be beneficial ­­­­– even when it’s something as simple as your drawers. Here are a few options you should consider when it comes to that most important article of clothing:


Big and Tall Boxers

Everybody knows about boxers, right? Your Dad and your Dad’s Dad probably wore them, and though you might think of this type of undergarment as something strictly for old guys, there’s a reason for their longevity. Boxers

boxers don’t…er…constrict the way that briefs do, which means more comfort (and freedom) than you’re probably used to. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on your fit preference, the clothing you’re wearing, and what you’re planning to do with your day. Playing flag football in the afternoon? Skip the boxers.

Be warned – if you’re a guy with bigger thighs, the fabric most boxers are made from (usually weaved cotton) doesn’t stretch very much. This means that even though a pair of boxers might fit well at the waist, your legs are crushed like sausage in a casing. If this is you, then you may want to consider another type of underwear.


King Size Boxer Briefs

briefsOne day, someone decided to take everything great about briefs, and everything great about boxers and create one glorious garment for your wearing pleasure. Thus was born the boxer brief. This type of underwear holds the undercarriage in place without cutting off circulation to your legs like briefs sometimes can. Boxer briefs also allow for the comfort of a boxer without the potential issue of restriction found in old school boxers.

The great thing about boxer briefs is that they can be worn with just about anything. Whether your headed into the office or to the gym, don’t forget your boxer briefs. They stretch when needed but don’t bunch up like regular boxers are known to do.



If you plan on doing some male modeling — like a beach-side photo shoot — bikini briefs might be for you. In all seriousness, bikinis offer less coverage than the other types of underwear we’ve discussed so far, and they do a pretty good job of “enhancing” the goods. They also show quite a bit more thigh than regular boxers do so, if you’re the modest type, the bikini probably won’t be your first choice.


Extra Large Briefs

If you think the bland white old school drawers are all that are available when it comes to briefs, think again. There are lots of different rises – low, mid, and high – with low and mid being good for wearing with many new styles of jeans, and high being something that you don’t see as much these days. You might have heard that high rise briefs are supposed to be “slimming.” Take that with a grain of salt, as clothing that is purported to be slimming on big guys doesn’t always work that way. I say wear what you’re comfortable with as opposed to trying to find something slimming. If you feel good in what you’re wearing, and it fits you well, you’re going to be happier with it in the long term.

There are a few other options for underwear, but what we’ve laid out here represent some of the most popular options available. Did we leave anything out? Tell us what you think in the comments below.



  1. Chris Reply

    Boxer-briefs aren’t comfortable or “the best of both worlds.
    They’re cruel permanent wedgie torture devices that make grown men look like they’re wearing their infant son’s ill-fitting diapers.
    And no one ever mentions that lovely ever-present sensation of having your junk vaccuum-packed to your leg.
    Horrible, horrible pieces of undergear.

    • AJ Reply

      I’m not sure what kind of boxer-briefs you have worn, but in my experience, I’ve always had greater comfort and a stronger preference for them over any other kind of underwear. Having no recollection what it’s like to be an infant notwithstanding (something about not being able to make memories until you’re about three years old or some such nonsense), I’ve never had the sensation of an ill-fitting diaper wearing them.

      As for having the sensation of being “vacuum-packed,” I really can’t imagine what specifically about boxer-briefs would do that versus regular briefs. I can maybe see an argument being made about those athletic spandexy underwear (Underarmour and the like), but not overall. The ones that I wear are form-fitting, low-rise, cropped short at the leg and really make my ass look amazing; which is quite an accomplishment on someone who’s 5’10” and a beefy/chunky 320 lbs.

      My only actual complaint is that the article had almost no real substance. It felt like I was reading catalog descriptions for underwear. I would’ve loved to see some common complaints that big men run into with underwear (ie: riding and bunching, elastic waistbands that wear out more easily or roll up, wearing holes in the legs from having them rub together, etc.). Maybe even have a blurb about jock straps as well (I own three myself).

    • Steve Reply

      Boxer briefs make me feel like I’m wearing a diaper. Too much fabric where it doesn’t belong. They’re just briefs for people who are afraid of wearing briefs. Worst type of undies ever

    • Km Reply

      Totally agree! I’ve never been able to wear boxer briefs. They bunch up and don’t stay on my legs… I’m 6 foot 270. My biggest problem is that it seems that the clothing companies just keep making the skivvies bigger and bigger but don’t realize that you proportions change. I need less material in my crotch not more!

  2. It’s our own choice what kind of underwear we prefer to wear. My husband prefers to wear boxer brief. He wears it with jeans, formal pants and gym wear and work freely all day…

  3. Excellent guides about the underwear. It is very essential to choose the right size and style underwear that can make a feel to comfortable and confident. Most of man prefer to wear Boxer briefs because of it’s comfortability features.

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