Your Custom Suit Has Arrived – How DXL Makes Big & Tall Suits Perfect

UPDATE! Check out our new, easy way to purchase your own custom suit. It’s simple!

Remember when I wrote about my experience ordering a made to measure suit from DXL? The suit has arrived! Following notification of its arrival, I went to the store to try it on–ensuring it fit properly, and that everything was made to my specifications.

The suit was everything I’d hoped for. The fabric looked great, the details we’d discussed initially were all there–this was one solid looking suit! Now, for the moment of truth. I stepped into the dressing room to suit up.

All the things I worried about: shoulders being too big, or the suit draping off me, weren’t issues. Going back in and trying on the suit allows one of DXL’s tailors to take a look at the suit on your body in order to make modifications if they’re needed. One look at my suit, and we decided that it could be shortened in the arms and legs a bit. No problem, tailoring happens on site. The suit was altered and ready to go in a few days.

Now that I knew how the suit would fit, it was time for some fun! The associates I worked with picked out a few, so that I could see how different patterns and color combinations could change up my look. You’d be surprised how much changing up colors can shake up an outfit.

My mixing and matching didn’t stop there. I wanted versatility. A jacket that would work with a variety of pants, as well as a great pair of jeans. As you can see here, pairing them with my favorite jeans looks pretty darn good. This is a great way to look put together when you’re going to an event that doesn’t require you to be too formal. Jeans and a sport coat is one of my go-to looks.

Don’t be afraid to accessorize when you’re wearing a suit. Make it a little more dapper and add a pocket square. You can pick up a variety of solid colors or go with different designs on each side. In short, you’ll look more put together. If it’s cold outside, throw a scarf over your jacket for a more seasonally-appropriate loo.

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