5 Ways to Get Through the Dog Days of Summer

As the temperatures climb, we know you’re looking for ways to keep cool. And we’ve got five great ideas on how best to beat the heat––from what to wear, to where to be for the remainder of summer.

Plan A Cool Escape

We mean literally! Whether it’s renting a cottage on the lake, going to the beach with friends and family or just hopping into your neighbor’s pool…the best way to enjoy your summer and retreat from the heat is to escape to a cool, relaxing location.

In order to dress for these refreshingly cool temps you’re going to need to, in the wise words of Barney Stenson, “Suit Up”. And no, it’s not the type of suit you’d wear to the office.

Summer Sandals

Slip Into The Perfect Sandals

Want to get some drinks and apps after a long day at the beach? The last thing you want to do is change your clothes. You need sandals that keep you looking cool from the sandy shores of the beach to a nearby dockside bar. Keep your trunks on, add a tropical shirt––and you’re good to go!

Grab a cold one

Grab A Cold One

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere! After long days at the office or a stressful work week, what’s better than going to your favorite watering hole (back porch included)? Summer’s the perfect time to discover a new cocktail or to crack open a cold one with the guys. What’s your favorite summer drink? Comment below and let us know!

Catch A Live Show

Nothing says summer like a good concert. Find a great venue outdoors, meet up with friends, and rock out to your favorite songs. Whether it’s country, pop, or classic rock, a summer show is a must…and don’t forget your favorite band’s tee.

Chill With Your Best Bud

Who can really get you through the dog days of summer? A furry friend who’ll go for runs on the beach, swim in the lake and just lounge around watching baseball games with you. There’s a reason we call them man’s best friend!

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