Planning a beach vacation? A trip to the lake? Maybe relaxing by the pool for the afternoon? We’ve got all you need, from trunks and tees to sandals and shades. Just pick up a towel, sunscreen…and go!

  1. Grab your hat, pack up the kids and head straight for the water. We’ve got your before-and-after beach attire right here.
  1. Catch a wave and gear up for a day at the beach. And don’t forget, a sunny outlook includes an awesome pair of sunglasses.
  1. Top your trunks with a cool tee­­­––this pop of color offers protection from the sun, too. Go bold, don’t match.
  1. When you just want to simply stay cool by the pool, turn up your collar and the tunes. The day is yours…rock it.
  1. Up your game in great styles from Nautica, a brand that knows a bit about summer fun.
  1. Laid-back and relaxed. Who can blame you for taking a day off mid-week and soaking up summer?

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