With winter comes more layers, and if you’re traveling, that can mean stuffed suitcases. Here are some tips that make winter packing easy.

Save Room By Layering: Instead of packing several heavy coats and sweaters, stay warm by wearing layers. Throw in a thermal tee, undershirts, a sweatshirt and a quarter-zip sweater that can easily pair with a button-down shirt or jacket. You’ll stay warm without adding bulk to your suitcase, or your outfit.

Don’t Forget the Accessories: Remember to pack hats, socks, gloves and a scarf. If you’re layering, and wearing cold-weather gear, you’ll be good to go.

Extra tip: Don’t just grab your classic gym socks! Consider warmer styles in a wool blend. Your feet will thank you for it.

Wear it Again: Think about packing items you can re-wear. Jeans, sweatshirts, sweaters––all things you can wear multiple times. If you’re worried you won’t have a place to do laundry, only wear heavier layers when you’re out. When you’re back at the hotel, or wherever you’re staying, take the layers off and wear a tee or button down. This way, you’ll get more mileage out of your clothes, and find that you pack far less.

Remember to Take Along Moisturizer: When the temperature drops, so does the humidity. That can lead to chapped, cracked lips and dry, itchy skin. Before the trip, pick up a travel-size lotion and lip balm. Apply liberally once you arrive at your destination…just like needing to drink more water while traveling, your skin needs to stay hydrated, too.

Packing Your Suitcase: If you have to take some bigger, bulkier things on your trip, consider wearing some gear on the plane. Actually, wearing boots and coats is easier than the space you’d trade by stuffing them into your suitcase. Sure, this might make getting through security more time-consuming, but if you have to take the stuff with you, it’ll sure be easier to transport this way.

Another extra tip: Consider using compression bags to maximize room in your luggage––the kind that eliminate air.

Need luggage suggestions? The new Nautica Hardside Luggage Set is a good three-piece staple to have when traveling.

Article written by Bruce Sturgell

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