It’s my favorite season…and fall means it’s cool enough to break out the jeans. So, what’s new this year?

Distressed looks, stonewashes, whiskered details and stretch denim…



That’s right, my friends–– the ‘80s are back, with a post-millennial update. Ripped, patched or stonewashed jeans that look like they’ve been in the back of a closet for the last 25 years, just waiting for the look to come full circle.
Bruce’s Take: Super-stylized denim is a young man’s game. Wear extreme distressed jeans with caution. If you do decide to go this route, make sure the rest of your look is thought out and not sloppy or overly baggy. You don’t want people to think you’re still wearing that exact look from 1987, right?



Jeans that have some whiskering (distressed lines and creases) look a bit more broken in than their standard counterparts. While you’ll see whiskering more often on form-fitting jeans, it has also made its way to more relaxed styles. This is a mainstream trend, so you can expect to see more whiskered denim this season.
Bruce’s Take: Go for it. You don’t have to overdo it, and you’ll find that some brands offer more intense creases on their jeans than others. It’s up to you how intensely whiskered you go. Personally, I go for lighter look.


Denim Washes

Shades of blue aren’t something new. For years, people have worn different washes to fit their style. I may or may not have gone through a quasi-punk rock phase that had me wearing nothing but black jeans and Converse for a time. My point is, you can wear different colors and washes as they suit you, and it’s not uncommon to see black, grey, brown, and just about every shade of blue.

I’ve had a lot of people asking me if light washes are back. They are, but if you’re going for a modern light wash look, you’ll want jeans that are more form fitting. Take a look at what True Religion offers in light wash, straight-fit jeans.
Bruce’s Take: Embrace variety here––wearing the same color of jeans every day is boring, and won’t necessarily work with every look. Black, dark blue and light blue jeans should be your foundation. Go for a dark denim if you’re dressing up your look.


Stretch Denim

Surely you’ve heard the good word about stretch denim jeans, right? My friend, if you need a little more give in your pants, this style is made for you. You’ll find them in a variety of fits––from relaxed, to straight, to athletic. Just a hint of stretch, typically one-to-two percent offers a wide range of movement and enhanced comfort.
Bruce’s Take: Try a pair of stretch denim jeans, and you won’t look at jeans the same way again. I’m a huge fan of the Levi’s® 541™ Athletic Fit––they give you more room in the thighs without looking baggy, and they’re available in a variety of washes. Even if Levi’s® aren’t your brand, you’ll be able to find otherswith stretch that work for you.


Caring for Your New Jeans

Now that you’ve got the denim, how do you ensure that it lasts? Here are a few tips to keep in mind that’ll make sure your jeans can go the distance:

  • Don’t wash your jeans after every wear. If you’re just wearing them out and about, you can get away with a few wears without having to wash them. Denim is generally made to stand up to you and most of what you might throw at it.
  • When you do wash your jeans, turn them inside out. This is a little easier on the dye when they go through the rinse cycle. I personally wash my jeans in cold water to treat them as gently as possible. This still takes care of any grime or odors that might be present, but prevents fading.
  • try not to dry my jeans in the dryer, although this doesn’t always work. If you can air dry, go that route, especially with high end, expensive raw denim. If I don’t have time, I tend to let them air dry as long as I can, then run them through the dryer on a very light setting.
  • If you’re totally convinced that you should never wash your jeans, there are methods and products for you. I know guys who put their denim in the freezer overnight when they get too funky. Amazingly, this works by freezing out the bacteria that produces odor. Don’t want your jeans next to your popsicles? Pick up a fabric refresher like Mr. Black or retaW. Mr. Black is widely recommended, and retaW smells minty, so it comes down to personal preference.

Now you know everything you need to about choosing and caring for your denim this fall. What styles will you rock this fall? Tell us below.

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