Are you gearing up for the most exciting season in sports? As I sit here biding my time through training camps and preseason games (it’s not completely useless), there’s one thing I’m focused on…my own NFL draft picks…for my Fantasy leagues. Duh!

I’ve played Fantasy for years and get pumped putting my teams together at the end of the summer. For months I look forward to my annual (and epic) draft parties and spend a ton of time scoping out my potential players. Nothing beats the excitement.

I scaled back this year…I’m in three leagues and each one has a different vibe. There’s the one with my college buddies, the one with co-workers and then the guys in the neighborhood. All involve plenty of trash talk and texts throughout the season.


Although I consider myself a Fantasy veteran, I still study up. I start researching with magazines and online sites like CBS Sports and ESPN Fantasy. About a month beforehand, I have a few “pre-meetings” to consult with fellow “team owners”, and make my list for each position. I also participate in a bunch of mock drafts.

When draft day comes I power up my phone and laptop, then head out to an undisclosed location for the actual draft. My wife knows not to call.



Do you lose track of your players mid-way through the season? Of course not, but the overlap can drive you crazy. You might be doing well in one league, but are getting killed in another. Make it easy on yourself and keep things simple.



There is power in the preseason. You get to know the players, see their skills and plot their plays. If you follow these August games, take some mental notes, and you may be ahead of the game. Following the injury report is also a good idea. Knowing your players’ limitations will put you at ease. Brush up on the new injury designation rules (they changed it up this year).



Know the rookie roster. This is one for the most die-hard GMs…and begins on draft day. Know what NFL team got who, and what that guy did before and what his role will be in the pros. It might take a little research, but there could be a golden rookie who will help you score.



Another thing to think about is your bye weeks…don’t draft too many players with the same one or you’ll fall into bye-week hell.



Once the draft is over and you’ve secured your team, don’t freak if there’s an injury or some other player issue. The draft is only half the battle, being active on the waiver wire will be equally important. Churn the bottom of the roster, getting rid of your weakest players and upgrading based on the wire. Also, don’t be afraid to trade. Try to make an offer that benefits both teams, as your offer will be much more likely to be accepted.



That’s pretty much it…remember, drafting should be completed by Wednesday, September 7, since the first game is on Thursday, September 8.

Sure I still cheer for my favorite NFL team; unfortunately, one that hasn’t seen a ring in years, so when the season gets going and the “team” lets me down, I always have my guys in the Fantasy league to count on…as long as no one gets hurt.

Have any Fantasy insights? Share them and let’s compare notes.

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