OK, guys…if you’re anything like me, you’ve put a lot of miles on your feet, and it shows. Those dogs could use a little TLC! Now, I totally get it if a salon pedicure is outside your comfort zone, but there is another option, and it involves beer. SOLD! That’s right, the Beer Pedicure is a thing. And it’s easy to do in the comfort (and privacy) of your own home. No need to bolt from your car into the nail salon wearing shades so that no one recognizes you. Why beer, you ask? Well, according to, the yeast helps soften your feet, while the lemon offers antibacterial and antifungal properties.

What You’ll Need:

– Beer: 1 bottle, at room temperature. I went with an off-brand hefeweizen that didn’t cost a lot. (Many liquor stores sell single bottles, so you don’t have to end up stuck with a six-pack of beer that’s not up to your usual drinking standards.) If you really want to go all-in, pick up a beer that’s brewed with orange or lemon peel. If you’re going to soak your feet in it, they should smell great when you pull them out!

– Half a Lemon: Not only will the lemon help de-funk your feet, it will help them smell great, too.

– Warm Water: It doesn’t have to be scalding hot, just as warm as you can comfortably stand. The heat will help the beer and lemon work their magic.

– Bowl, Bucket, or Spa Foot Bath: Make sure it’s big enough to comfortably fit your feet, and deep enough to cover them. If your wife or girlfriend has one of those fancy electric spa foot baths, by all means commandeer that, ’cause the bubbles will make the experience that much more awesome.

– Towels: You’re going to need two towels: one to go under the bowl to help control the ‘slosh factor,’ and one to dry your feet when you’re done.

– Foot Scrub: This will help remove excess skin from your feet after they’ve been steeping in beer for a while. I’d suggest going for something unscented, if possible, or with just a light (not girly) fragrance.

– Lotion: Grab your choice of moisturizer to apply once the pedicure is finished.

Let’s Do This!

Plan to set aside about half an hour. Find a comfortable seat and make sure you have everything you need: the supplies listed above, plus your phone, the remote, a book or magazine, perhaps a beverage (one a step or two up from the hefeweizen)…

  1. Place the bowl on top of one of the towels, then fill it with warm water – enough to cover your feet up to the ankles. Depending on the proximity of the faucet and your level of coordination, it may be easier to fill a large pitcher and bring it to the bowl, rather than try and carry the bowl… Just sayin’.
  2. Slowly pour in the beer, then squeeze in the lemon juice. Give it a good mix with your hand.
  3. Rinse (or at least brush off) your feet. You don’t want to bring in any foreign objects or dirt, so clean off your feet a bit before you put them in the bowl.
  4. Now SINK those suckers! Ahhh…wow. Instant relaxation. So THAT’S what the ladies are on about with this whole pedi thing! Set the timer on your phone for 15 minutes, then read a book, play a game on your phone, watch TV…however you’d like to pass the time.
  5. When the timer goes off, take your feet out of the water and place them on the towel that’s under the bowl.
  6. Grab the foot scrub, and apply it to your feet – top, bottom, and between the toes. When you scrub, use circular motions to help remove any dead skin. The massaging action will help increase blood flow to sore muscles and relax tired feet, too. Do this for about half a minute for each foot.
  7. Plop those puppies back into the bowl and rinse off the foot scrub. Once your feet are clean, take them out of the bowl and dry them off.
  8. Apply the lotion to your freshly scrubbed feet. Again, since I don’t like mixing my fragrances, I opted for unscented lotion. Rub it in well, and when you stand up, keep in mind that your feet may be a little slippery. You might want to pat them dry again before you go anywhere.

And there you have it! Your feet will actually be civilized again, and fit for public perusal. Even a week after my beer pedicure, my feet still feel softer, and so much better than they did before. I’d recommend doing a beer pedicure once a month, if you can find the time. Trust me: Your feet – and your wife or girlfriend – will thank you.

Would you give this DIY pedicure process a try? Tell us what you think in the comments below. 

Article By Bruce Sturgell

Article written by Bruce Sturgell

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