Whether you’re heading out for a round at the local course, a private club or a week-long golf getaway, we’ve got looks that’ll have you dressed like a pro even if you’re only in it for the 19th hole.

Many courses actually have a dress code that requires collared shirts with appropriate trousers or shorts (That means no jeans). Check with your local golf course to be certain what their specific dress rules are, but here are a few general guidelines to follow:
• The sleeve of your golf shirt should fall three quarters of the way to your elbow
• The bottom of your trousers should just brush the top of your shoes
• Shorts should fall just above the kneecaps
The key to looking good is staying comfortable. Your swing will be better if you can move freely and you’ll feel better if you’re not sticking to your shirt and shorts.

That’s where performance and tech fabrics come into play.


Don’t get teed off–exclusive climachill™ technology keeps you cool in the warmest weather and this soft, lightweight polo has it. From the blistering sun on a Phoenix fairway to humid conditions in West Palm, this is definitely a technically-enhanced look you’ll love.


High-performance polos and shorts are sure to keep you on your game, and what’s better than moisture-wicking fabrics that work as hard as you play? These PlayDry® shorts feature a Continuous Comfort™ waistband with hidden elasticized inserts for a better fit and unrestricted movement through the full range of your swing. And remember, since you’ll be on your feet most of the game, upgrade your golf shoes to a pair that’s comfortable and versatile.


From early morning tee times to twilight leagues, golf can be a year-round sport (if you’re lucky). And dressing for the course is more than about keeping cool; it’s also about maintaining a comfortable temperature. When the weather does turn, but you’re determined to get your game on, consider bringing along a wind shirt. Many have both UV protection and are water-resistant for when cool sunny days turn rainy.

You can find a full assortment of golf wear—no matter the course or the weather, we have you covered! However, shaving strokes off your game…that’s all you!

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