HOW TO TIE ONE ON: Six ways to style your scarf

If you’re like most guys, it has to be pretty cold out to even think about adding a scarf to your outermost layer.

With blustery winds blowing, temperatures dipping way below freezing and snow beginning to blanket much of the nation, it’s definitely scarf season.

Here are six stylish and masculine ways to up your scarf game. Though, as you can see, scarves aren’t just for outer layers anymore, you can style them over sweaters and sport shirts to keep your neck and chest warm, without looking like a kindergartener.


This style, which is connected and looks like a circle, is quick and easy–just wrap it around twice if it’s long enough and you’re good to go.


A little more fashion forward, but still fairly common, this knot looks harder than it is. Just fold the scarf in half length-wise and drape it around your neck. Bring the loose end through the loop and tighten to your liking. This knot should fit snugly around the base of your neck, easily staying put.


Around and over, that’s all there is to it. Evenly drape the scarf around your neck, then throw one edge over your shoulder. Done.


Also known as the Overhand Knot, this is one of the more popular knots. Start by draping the scarf around your neck. Then, take both ends of the scarf and tie them “over-and-under,” as if you were starting to tie a pair of shoelaces. Finish by adjusting the front so that the uppermost length of scarf covers the knot beneath it.


More of a wrap than a knot, but it gets the job done. First, drape the scarf around your neck, with the right side being shorter. Then, bring the left side up and over your shoulder, then around your neck to the front again. For longer scarves, you can make this a twice-around.


The easiest of them all. Simply put the scarf around your neck, or the lapels of your coat, with equal lengths on both sides. More of an accent and finishing piece, the scarf just pulls the look together.

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