YOUR OWN FOOTBALL GAME: As if playoffs aren’t exciting enough…

Hosting a playoff party this weekend? Print off a few of our DXL 2016 Football Bingo cards to make everyone feel like a part of the game. Whether your favorite team is playing or not, this will help keep your guests (and you) entertained.

The Rules:

Similar to BINGO, the Star in the center is a free square.

Mark off a square when the action happens, ie: the announcer mentions Super Bowl 50, mark your square…camera pans to the Mascot, mark your square.

The first player to make a line either straight down, across or diagonal wins! Simple, right?

What do they win? That’s up to you.

Loser cleans up post-game? Winner doesn’t have to chip in pizza money? Maybe all you really need are bragging rights.


Be creative and have fun!

Click here to download the bingo cards

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