Legends in Sports

Article by Bruce Sturgell

There’s a long list of legendary sports figures, but the
list below are some of my favorite titans of their games.

Babe Ruth

Though he played from 1914 to 1935, Babe Ruth is still revered as one of baseball’s all-time greats. He supplemented his 714 career home runs, 2213 RBIs, and 7 World Series as an outfielder and, amazingly, a pitcher. He was a man of many talents on the field – something you don’t often see in the sport.

William "The Refrigerator" Perry

The 80’s were good to The Fridge, he decimated opponents on the football field while making an impression in pop culture. Depending on your age, you might remember him more for the Super Bowl Shuffle or his TV appearances, than for his on-field acumen; but one thing’s for sure — no one will forget The Fridge anytime soon.

Prince Fielder

Similar in build to his baseball-playing father, Cecil Fielder, Prince doesn’t let anything slow him down. With 298 home runs, we’re inclined to agree. Having started his career with the Milwaukee Brewers, Fielder followed in Dad’s footsteps and moved to the Tigers, and most recently, the Texas Rangers.

Shaquille O'Neal

Few athletes are as well known and diversely talented as Shaq. In his 19-year career, Shaq played for 6 teams, was part of 15 All-Star games, received the MVP award in the 1999-2000 season, was 1992-93 Rookie of the Year, and made Kazaam. For years, Shaq has been synonymous with popular culture: TV, movies, music and more. Don’t think he’s been forgotten, though. You can currently find him on TV as an analyst for Inside the NBA.

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