Bruce’s Picks For Summer

Article by Bruce Sturgell

Man, I love summer. Warm weather, camping trips, days at the beach – basically spending as much time outdoors as possible. Whether you’re spending a week on the beach, or an evening on the patio, this month’s picks for your summer wardrobe will help you enjoy your time outside to the fullest.

The Dip Dye Swim Trunk:  Shades of blue that leave you thinking of the perfect seaside wave. These quick-drying swim shorts will work just as well out of the pool as in, so don’t be afraid to wear these with a tee or polo when you’re out and about. With pockets on the sides and back, you’ll be able to hold your wallet, keys, and phone. Just don’t forget about these when you actually get in the water.

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The Striped V-Neck Tee: First off, don’t let anything negative you’ve ever heard about wearing stripes influence you if you’re considering this awesome shirt. Bigger guys can and do wear stripes, and they look great in them. What I love about this shirt is that it has this worn-in look that’s perfect for summer and, though it’s a V-neck, the “V” isn’t quite as deep and defined as in other shirts, and that’s a good thing. You’ll find this shirt available in sizes to 5XL/5XLT.


The Vintage Seersucker Short: Keep two things in mind when shopping for summer shorts – fit and proportion, both of which this style gets just right. Though the shorts are more relaxed in fit, they still seem to conform to the wearer’s body, which is a definite plus. If you’re trying to decide which color to go with, my suggestion is navy. They work with more looks, and they’re just more versatile.

The Solid Oxford Sport Shirt: If you HAVE to dress up a bit, at least stick with brighter colors, eh? This classic oxford is available in a variety of brights and pastels. With sizes to 4XLT, wearing one of these shirts will class things up a bit, even if you’re wearing shorts (like those seersucker shorts I mentioned earlier).

The Athletic Tank Top:  As nice as it is to dress up and be put together, sometimes it’s just great to kick back in the basics, and it doesn’t get much more basic than this tagless tank. It runs a bit longer so it always stays tucked when you wear it under another shirt. You can pick it up in black or grey, depending on your preference. I prefer the grey, myself.

That does it for laid-back warm weather style. You can mix and match the things I’ve mentioned above to make a variety of looks. Hanging at a family BBQ? Break out the seersucker shorts and tank, and you’re good to go. Is the tank a bit too casual for your family event? Throw the sport shirt on over your tank – problem solved!

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