Head-to-Toe Look: Date Night

Whether it’s your first date or your fifth anniversary —the key to putting your best foot forward and making a lasting impression is…confidence! Knowing that you’re comfortable, feeling good and better yet, looking good, are all building blocks to projecting that confidence.  It’s summer, it’s hot…wear shorts, but make them date-night ready by pairing them with a polo that’s tucked and belted.  Slide into a pair of loafers and grab a blazer in case it cools off (bonus points scored when you lend her your blazer because she’s cold later).


5_25_2015_Shoes Day

Polo Ralph Lauren® Wes Penny LoafersRalph by Ralph Lauren® Wool BlazerRalph by Ralph Lauren® Wool BlazerNautica® Flat-Front ShortsBrooks Brothers® 3-Stripe Ribbon BeltHarbor Bay® Piqué Polo

Ralph by Ralph Lauren® Wool Blazer

#D3385 | $298

Harbor Bay® Piqué Polo

$35.00 each when you buy 1

$24.99 each when you buy 2

Flat-Front Shorts

#93967 • $55

Brooks Brothers®
3-Stripe Ribbon Belt

#D3294 • $55

Polo Ralph Lauren®
Wes Penny Loafers

#M6872 • $99

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