5 Tips for the Ultimate Shave

By Bruce Sturgell

By Bruce Sturgell

Because of my bushy beard, you’d be forgiven for thinking I don’t shave. In fact, I do. My specific type of beard requires some sculpting, so, while I’m not shaving my entire face on a daily basis, I still have to do some regular upkeep. It’d be easy to grab the electric shaver and run it over those areas like a lawn mower and be on my merry way, but you and I both know, that’s not the shave we deserve. Below you’ll find everything you need to know to give yourself an award-winning shave.


Can you actually win an award for shaving? You certainly can for NOT shaving. But I digress. Check out these tips:


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  1. I would Love a real shave. People in my town don’t. Use razors and lather. When I was first introduce to shaving I was introduced the correct way now it seems as if it not any more true and real barber. For all that it is worth plz. Help me on this one….

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