The Big Man’s Guide to Winter Grooming


Here are some tips to help you ensure that you look great during the snowy season.  

For many of us, that means growing out the beard, longer hair and heavy clothes. Well, there’s more to grooming for winter than sporting a bushy beard.

Master Your Dry Skin

For me, the worst part of winter is dealing with dry skin. As the moisture leaves the sky, it leaves your skin. This means that your skin will dry out faster, and having visible dry flakes on your hands, scalp, or forehead is nobody’s idea of a good look. Time to exfoliate, my friend! Pick up a scrub or exfoliator and get to work. This removes excess skin.

Moisturize Vigilantly

Now you’ve removed the extra skin – how do you keep what’s left from being sharp, raw, and itchy? You moisturize liberally and often. Find a body moisturizer (lightly scented or with no scent at all) and a face moisturizer, and apply it to any area that needs it. Why a separate moisturizer for your face and body? Sometimes the stuff for the body is too strong, slick, or creamy for the face. Trust me, it wouldn’t be pretty.

You need something made specifically for the tender skin on your face. Look for a product  specifically for faces, or for a moisturizer that works for faces and bodies.

Groom That Beard

Winter is the perfect time to do it – at least that way you have an excuse to sport one, if you feel like you need it. Keep in mind, if you’re going to grow a beard, don’t just let it go crazy. Keep it trimmed as it grows so you don’t look patchy, or unkempt (unless you’re going for that look). Pair an upscale look or a suit with a well-groomed beard, and nobody will be able to complain that you’re letting yourself go or any such nonsense.

For a bit more control over your beard, work a little beard oil into it. Working it onto the skin also helps keep you moisturized, which is an added plus. If the oil just doesn’t afford you the control you’re looking for, try a little pomade. I do this from time to time and it works wonders.


You can fight the loss of moisture in the air with a good humidifier. Put one in your bedroom and let it work it’s magic overnight – you’ll notice a difference. For optimum performance, put humidifiers in the rooms you spend most of your time in, and you’ll be good to go.

Keep Balmy

Your scalp, your hands, your face – they all get dry and crackly, but they’re not the only parts of you that you need additional care. Don’t forget about your lips. There’s a special kind of uncomfortable pain reserved for dry, cracked lips, and if you’ve never experienced it, trust me – you don’t want to. Invest in lip balm and apply as needed. You don’t need something high end and fancy for your lips – a simple tub of Carmex or ChapStick will get the job done. I use both of those depending on my needs. For less than $5, chapped lips are nothing more than a painful memory.

Shield Yourself From The Elements

You might think of this one as a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t pay bundle up appropriately when they head out into cold weather. When you’re facing bitter winds, wear a hat and wrap a scarf around your face and neck. This saves you from prolonged exposure to driving winds that can dry you out pretty quickly.

Make sure you’re wearing a coat or heavy jacket that will keep you warm when you’re outdoors. Keeping the warmth in ensures that you’re…well, warm, and shields you from the elements. This is the same reason to consider gloves, boots, and other temperature appropriate accessories.

Now you know the surefire basics to keep you from turning into a mummy this winter. Share your own cold weather tips in the comments below. 


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