Your Best Bets for Cold Weather Activewear

Now that it’s finally cooling off out there, being outside isn’t quite as horrible as it was in the heat of the day back in August. Now the problem is staying warm when you’re out for an early morning jog or a late afternoon flag football game. You’re in luck – there’s great activewear available to keep you insulated no matter what the temperature.

Tops, Jackets and Hoodies

The best cold weather activewear keeps you toasty, and mitigates sweat (and to some extent, odor). Here are a few of my favorites:

NFL Team Track Jacket: Show your team spirit while looking good and staying warm in this zip mockneck with pouch pockets. Choose your favorite team from the list and you’ll find a jacket with their name and logo across it. You can’t go wrong with a basic, great looking piece of active outerwear like this. Sizes are available to 5XL and 4XLT.

Canyon Ridge Jersey Hoodie: If you’re more of a traditionalist (or you need a jacket that can take a beating when outdoors), the Canyon Ridge Jersey Hoodie is perfect for you. It’s the basic type of hoodie you know and love, with a drawstring hood, pouch pocket, and open bottom. These hoodies are great for layering, or good on their own for whatever you’ll be doing when you’re outdoors. Pick one up in navy, black, or heather grey, and you’re good to go. You’ll find sizes available to 2XL.


Reebok Play Warm 1/4-Zip Pullover: This pullover keeps you warm like a sweatshirt should, but also wicks away moisture to keep you dry. If you need a bit of ventilation, this pullover has you covered with zipper goes down to your chest. Lots of pullovers add extra weight, but this one is made for warmth, not for bulk. Plus, it’s made by Reebok, and they know their stuff when it comes to functional activewear. Their Play Warm line is perfect for anyone planning to get out there and do something when the temperature has started to dip. You’ll find sizes available to 6XL and 5XLT in both black and navy.

Activewear Bottoms

If you’re thinking of the old school sweatpants people were wearing 30 years ago, think again. Designers are creating sweatpants with more shape and better fit that actually look like something you’d want to wear out in public, whether you actually do or not.

Reebok Play Warm Pants: Remember how I mentioned the Reebok Play Warm line? Here’s a pair of pants from it, and if you’re looking for warmth and dryness when you’re out there being active, you can’t beat these. Like the pullover, these pants will keep you warm and dry without adding extra weight. You’ll find an interior drawstring waist, side pockets for all your stuff, and an open hem, so they’re not closed at the legs. With sizes to 6XL and 5XLT, in black and dark grey, you’ll find that they work with just about any shirt or jacket you’d want to wear them with.

Reebok Play Dry Base Layer Shorts: If you’re like me, and you prefer shorts when you’re active, consider the Reebok Play Dry Base Layer Shorts. Put them on under whatever shorts you’d normally wear, and you’ll have extra warmth, support, and comfort without having to wear sweatpants. These shorts feature Reebok’s Play Dry technology, which directs moisture away from the body, helping to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable.

Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Athletic Fleece Pants: As the name suggests, these sweats boast an athletic cut with a twill-tape hem, the classic drawstring waist and of course, the iconic pony logo. Leave it to Polo Ralph Lauren to take something as basic as a sweat pant and class it up with a bit of style. Trust me, if you go with these, you’ll look good when you head out for a jog. Get a pair in black, navy, or heather, with sizes available to  5XL and 4XLT.

Now you’ve got enough to keep your top and bottom covered as the weather turns colder. Keep an eye out for an article on the best gloves, caps, and shoes for an active outdoor lifestyle in the winter months. 

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