The Plane Truth: How to Survive Holiday Travel

There’s no place like home, especially for the holidays, but getting there can sometimes be taxing. Whether you’re flying halfway around the world, or just halfway across the country, here are 6 stress-free tips to survive holiday travel.

1. Give Yourself Extra Time

Driving to the airport can take longer than you expect, especially on holiday weekends when the masses are in exodus, so leave your house an hour early when planning your departure. And if you don’t have a direct flight, be sure to leave plenty of time between connecting flights. After all, the holiday season is also snow season.

2. Avoid Delays when Going through SecurityUnlisted ShoesM3123 Unlisted  WILD FIRE DOUBLE GORE (BLACK, COGNAC)

One of the ultimate stress creators and time wasters when traveling for the holidays is the airport security line. But you can make things much easier for yourself by knowing what to expect and being prepared.

Wearing the wrong shoes can cause a major holdup. Before you fly, choose a pair of shoes without ties or buckles that are easy to pull on and off quickly. Unlisted® by Kenneth Cole Wild Fire Loafers have a comfortable, stylish, slip-on design, perfect for avoiding the hassle of untying laces in the security line. And for all you guys who don’t like taking off your belts at security (all of us!), the Buzznot™ Leather Travel Belt is a good option. Its leather and Velcro® construction won’t buzz through metal detectors.

3. Be Comfortable

Unless you’re flying first class, chances are you will be in a seat with very little leg room. There’s no need to further limit your ability to move by wearing a seatbelt that’s too tight. The bigger man, especially the frequent business traveler, will enjoy the benefits of DXL’s Airplane Seat Belt Extender. By packing an airplane extender, you can fly comfortably, safely, and hassle-free.

When dressing for the airport, opt for clothing that is made from stretchy and breathable fabric like Harbor Bay® Waist-Relaxer Casual Pants. These travel essentials provide up to 4 inches of extra comfort, allowing you to sit comfortably for those long flights. And their wrinkle-free, twill fabric will ensure that your pants don’t look slept in after you debark.

4. Ship Holiday Gifts

There’s a good chance that any wrapped gifts will be unwrapped and examined while TSA agents are performing baggage checks. Ship wrapped gifts or wait until your final destination to wrap them. Or bring the gift that can’t go wrong and doesn’t take up any space: a gift card.

5. Stay Connected

Before your flight, download the latest travel app in order to receive real-time updates on delays, the average time spent in security, and more. By checking your flight information online at home, you can ensure that your flight is running on schedule. There’s nothing worse than getting to the airport and realizing your plane is taking off two hours later. Well, if it were leaving two hours earlier, that would be worse, but you get the point…

6. Pack the Perfect Carry-On

With a few carry-on essentials, you can make the stress of holiday travel a thing of the past.LXL_SP12_X2217_Bos_BX The best way to mentally escape from stressful surroundings is by shutting out the noise. And the easiest way to do that is with headphones. While some airlines may provide headphones, they’re usually cheap and uncomfortable. You don’t want to watch the new Scorsese film with headphones you can barely hear out of, so remember to bring your own quality pair, such as the MLB XL Headphones.


Have a long flight? Be sure to pack a few forms of entertainment into your carry-on, such as a book, reading tablet, and iPod. Looking for the ideal carry-on? Try a briefcase in a sporty backpack style like Alpha T-Pass Business Class Brief Pack by Tumi®, which is designed to meet TSA checkpoint requirements and includes a multitude of zippered pockets, including one for your ticket.

So there you have it—our tips for how to survive those holiday flights. Have any stress-free travel tips? Let us hear from you in the comments.

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