Keep or Pack Away: Transitioning Your Wardrobe into Fall

With the cool months ahead, it might be time for a wardrobe tune-up. While there are certain clothing items that need to be left behind with your sandals and beach gear, other styles are versatile enough to carry into the next season. What exactly should you take with you into these fall months and what should you hibernate until next summer rolls around?


White/pastel dress shirts. Light-colored button-downs are definitely a keeper. They can be layered with dark-colored ties, blazers, pants, or accessories to give these lighter colors a universality that can be translated from season to season.

Boat shoes. A classic boat shoe gives you a relaxed, laid-back look with any pair of khakis or jeans you own. But don’t go overboard! Ditch these shoes by December; Sperrys and Christmas sweaters aren’t the smartest combination, to say the least.

A pair of polarized sunglasses. Keep a pair in your car year-round. No matter the temperature, bright sunlight is always an issue on the road. In fact, the sun’s reflections off the winter snow are debatably more blinding than a cloudless summer sky. For safety’s sake (and to look cool in the frosty months), don’t abandon this year-round essential.

Basically anything navy. Navy is arguably the most season-neutral color in fashion. Like black, brown, and gray, navy is classic, timeless, and can be worn with a variety of other colors.

Coral shades. Paired with deep tones such as black, dark brown, and burgundy, coral adds a pop of color to any classic fall outfit. Try a coral polo with a navy blazer and a dark pair of khakis for a polished, modern look.

Layering pieces. Whether it’s a hoodie you threw on to keep warm during chilly summer nights or the sweater you wore over your button-down in your air-conditioned office building, keep these items around. Fall is all about layering with cardigans, blazers, jackets, hoodies, and more; make sure you keep these on-hand to throw on if you need a stylish and effective way to stay warm.

Pack Away:

White shorts/pants. Labor Day has come and gone. There’s just no excuse.

Anything neon. Super bright colors scream summer. Also, with a tan long gone, these colors might make you appear washed out.

Swim trunks. But make sure these are relatively accessible; you never know, you might decide to take a spur-of-the-moment trip!

Flip-flops. This should go without saying.

Storage Tips:

Make sure you store your summer clothing carefully. ALWAYS wash them before storing them; check for any spill on the fabric, making sure you wash it out before storing it, because it may become a stain if it is left untreated for several months. Keep your clothes in clean storage bags or plastic containers, in a cool, dry area. Moisture and extreme cold or heat can tamper with the fabric, so rather than storing these clothes in the garage or attic, try storing them in a spare closet or under a bed.

Now that you know what to keep and what to pack away, your fall wardrobe will be much more organized and polished. With a cleaner closet, you’ll have a clearer mind, allowing you to be the best and most stylish you possible!

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