4 Trendy Foods and Drinks You’ve Got to Try

There’s a wide world of food out there! Unfortunately, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut, eating the same things over and over. It’s time to branch out! To help you get started, we’re taking a look at 4 of the latest food and drink trends that you need to try. From fruits to sweets to exotic and interesting drinks, you’ll find a variety of new tastes to enjoy.


That They’re All About: Invented by Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City, cronuts are croissant-donut pastries made by frying a laminated dough in grape seed oil. They’re all the rage in NYC, where the bakery that invented them actually trademarked this tasty treat. Because of this, a ton of variations have popped up from shops all over the country, but it’s hard to beat the original.

Where to Get One: One of the only places you can pick one up is at Dominique Ansel Bakery in NYC. They make a very limited supply of cronuts, so a market for the things has cropped up on Craigslist for around $25 a pop. If you’re in the New York area and want to try this pastry, either get in line about an hour prior to the shop’s opening or pre-order cronuts on the bakery’s website


What It’s All About: People who like the mangosteen really like it. This magical fruit is supposed to taste like… well, a lot of things to a lot of people. Some folks say it tastes like peaches and clementines, while others say it reminds them of strawberry or vanilla ice cream. One thing everyone agrees on is that the mangosteen is mighty tasty. While the fruit’s purple shell isn’t edible, the fragrant white flesh inside is

Where to Get One: Believe it or not, until a few years ago, you couldn’t get a mangosteen in the United States, as it was thought to carry the Asian Fruit Fly. The Department of Agriculture has lifted that ban, and now you can find them in Asian markets in many larger cities, as well as on Amazon!


What It’s All About: Quinoa, touted as one of the world’s healthiest foods, is part of a group of “old grains” seeing quite a bit of interest from foodies and the health-conscious alike. Originally enjoyed by the people of the Andes, gluten-free grain is high in protein and easy to cook. Because Quinoa sparked an interest in other parts of the world, this food that was once eaten by peasants in Peru now costs 4 times as much as rice in Lima.

Where to Get It: Everywhere! Go to your local grocery chain and you’ll find it near the rice and noodles. If you don’t want to cook it yourself, check the deli section for pre-packaged bowls of Quinoa with a variety of interesting ingredients.

Moscow Mule

What It’s All About: Eater.com is calling it “the drink of the summer.” The Moscow Mule is a simple drink made with variations of vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice. While it was popular on the west coast in the ‘50s, it faded away for a few decades and made a triumphant return in recent years. Part of the trend is enjoying your Moscow Mule in a copper mug. Some bars have rows of these mugs on display to meet the demand of thirsty drinkers.

Where to Get One: Since they’ve become pretty mainstream these days, you can easily order a Moscow Mule at any bar worth their salt. If you’re really enterprising, you can make your own Mule at home using any one of the recipes found online.

There you have it, a variety of food and drink to help you expand your horizons and try something new. Have you sampled the mangosteen? Sipped a Moscow Mule? Tell us what you think of these food trends, and share a few of your own favorites in the comments below.

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