You’ve Got it Made in the Shades!

Sunglass_Blog_1Sunglasses offer instant coolness with very little effort.  If you haven’t already, invest in a good pair this summer.  Even if you’re not the trendiest guy, you can pretty much count on styles coming back around every other decade, so you can hang onto a good pair.  You can still find some moderately priced options, which come in handy if you’re like me and have a habit of losing ‘em or leaving them on the driver’s seat of the car only to be crushed by my glutes of steel.  Or, better yet, keep 2 pairs on hand – some quality, day-to-day frames and a cheap back-up pair that you can keep in the car or wear on occasions when chances are high that you could lose or damage them (i.e. on the boat, or that boys weekend of debauchery). Here are a few tips that should apply to both pairs:

  • When shopping for frames, avoid giant logos or design details.
  • Go retro to stay on trend. Avoid overly techy ‘90’s styles or sporty shades.
  • Match your shades to your threads.  Make sure the color and style of your frames complements your outfit, particularly accessories like your belt or shoes.
  • Don’t wear your sunglasses at night, unless Corey Hart is playing in the background.
  • Check out the transparency of your shades before you check out the ladies.
  • Take care of your shades.  Invest in a case and a cleaning cloth to extend their life and keep them looking fresh.

Now, your sunglasses should not only work for the occasion, but should also complement your face. What style works best for your face? Here’s a cheat sheet:


sunglasses oblongOblong face: Try light, metal frames like ‪#‎aviators.  Make sure your frames cover the center of your face.




sunglasses squareSquare face: Stick to light, metal frames with rounded edges (no hard angles).  Slightly curved frames help to downplay a strong jawline.



sunglasses heart

Triangular or Heart-shaped face:  Look for frames with a skinny rim and nose bridge.  Your best bet is the classic Wayfarer.



sunglasses roundRound face: Steer toward rectangular frames (and away from circular frames, which can make us look rounder).



sunglasses ovalOval face: Any shape. Lucky you!  Just be mindful of proportion.  As bigger guys, we should still rock bigger frames.



Find your perfect pair here.  Which will you be sporting this ‪‎summer?

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