ATTENTION ALL LADIES: Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Guy

I don’t write enough articles with female shoppers in mind (my apologies, ladies) but everyone’s favorite holiday of love is approaching, so I wanted to share some Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your man.  He might say he doesn’t subscribe to the Hallmark holiday and doesn’t want anything, but if he’s scouring the malls shopping for you, you bet he wants something in return.

For a quick guide of go-to gifts $50 and under, shop here.

Still looking? Here are a few more ideas guys would love to add to their arsenal.

A simple sweater is a great way to refresh his wardrobe.  With lightweight layers, v-necks and zip ups, there is sure to be something to suit your guy’s style.


If that seems a bit boring to you, you can add in some cool accessories.  A watch is always a classic choice – Fossil has some great options. Or try a sporty Polo cap.  It might still be bitter cold in your area and your guy may have misplaced a glove or two by now, so he can always use an extra pair.




You absolutely can’t go wrong with team gear.  I can never have enough hoodies with my favorite team, especially coming off of the NFL season.  And be sure to check out jerseys or t-shirts.  DXL even carries headphones with select team logos.


You can also show him you have paid attention to his passions outside of sports.  Why not surprise him with a graphic tee featuring his favorite band, movie or TV show.  Is he a diehard Walking Dead fan or a comic book guy?



So tell us, do you celebrate Valentine’s Day, or do you try to ignore the holiday altogether?

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