Countdown to Kickoff: 10 Fun Facts to Gear You Up for THE BIG GAME

1: Wings, Man

Make sure you stock up on extra bleu cheese dressing – 1.23 billion chicken wings fans will be dipping and eating on Sunday. That actually adds up to more than 100 million pounds of chicken wings.  National Chicken Council

2: Beer and…Veggies?

Vegetables at a Super Bowl party? That’s right! In fact, the healthy treat is the top food eaten in homes during the Super Bowl. Of course, we all know they taste better when someone brings some dip. NPD Group

3: Best Seat in the House

When it comes to watching the Super Bowl, nine out of 10 watchers are going to be at a home — either theirs or someone else’s. That’s a lot of Super Bowl parties.  The Nielsen Company

4: Hold the Anchovies

Some people have to work on Super Bowl Sunday, including the Domino’s Pizza delivery guys. The company estimates that it will deliver 11 million pieces of pizza to hungry viewers.  Domino’s Pizza

5: No Double-Dipping!

Dips are a favorite among Super Bowl snackers, with 32% saying they plan on eating some form of the snack. Whether it’s spinach dip for veggies or cheese dip for chips, it’s not a true Super Bowl without the dip.  Supervalu Snack Down Survey by Harris Interactive

6: How Fan-atic Are You?

What would you give up to actually go to the Super Bowl? A vacation would be skipped by 23% of those surveyed, followed by an important work responsibility (21%), the wedding of a close friend or family member (20%), the funeral of a loved one (19%) and the birth of a child (15%).

7: Beer in Mind…

All that food needs to be washed down with something. Will you be picking up one of the 51.7 million cases of beer sold to quench Super Bowl fans?  The Nielson Company

8: Get Fired Up

Get your jacket and scarf ready because Super Bowl Sunday is the most popular grilling day of winter with 62% of owners firing up the grill — even if it means they have to shovel a path to get to it. Hearth , Patio & Barbecue Association

9: All You Can Eat

No matter how much we eat, it’s going to be quite a feast. In fact, the Super Bowl is the second highest day of food consumption in the United States after Thanksgiving. USDA

10: Post-Game Blues

Don’t worry if you feel a little sick after your gluttonous partying. Antacids sales are expected to increase 20% on the day after the Super Bowl. So at least you can commiserate with others. 7 Eleven Stores

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