Your Cheat Sheet to Fall Color

DXL_YouTube_3For me, fall means football, pumpkin beer and plenty of leaves to rake.  And with a new season, comes a new wardrobe.  Since we don’t always enjoy shopping and staying up on the trends like our female counterparts, here’s a cheat sheet to this fall’s color code.

This season’s colors range from the bold to the muted.  As a big guy, I recommend sticking to the richer hues vs. say, the safety orange that is also “in”.  The word “safety” should be your clue:  take caution.   Here are some colors to look for when you’re shopping for a few new outfits:

burgundy Burgundy:  The front-runner this fall.  And it only seems fitting with Ron Burgundy returning to theaters in December.  Look for dark berry hues with names like oxblood and maroon.  You can incorporate into your core outfit or carry the color through your accessories.

burnt orangeBurnt Orange:  Think pumpkins and fallen leaves.  It’s synonymous with fall.  You can’t go wrong. 

mustard yellowMustard Yellow:   If you can find Colonel Mustard in the Library, you can steal his style.  This muted shade is the safest yellow for big guys.

bottle greenBottle Green:  Now you can match your pants to your favorite accessory – your beer.  So what will it be…Heineken or Rolling Rock?  And like burgundy, feel free to incorporate green throughout your wardrobe, not just that cable knit sweater.

What colors are you adding to your closet this fall?  Be sure to check back in with us for color tips upcoming in spring.  We’re already seeing shades of green returning in a big way.

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