Got warm beer? MacGUYver it!

MacGuyverFootball season is upon us, which means your Sunday beer consumption is sure to increase.  But unless you have a personal beer fridge or kegerator, you might need a quick fix to chill those puppies after that last-minute beer run.


If your buddies are on their way, here’s how to chill a case quick: 

Step 1:  Get a cooler and empty your case of beer into it.

Step 2:  Fill it with ice (obvious, I know).

Step 3:  Now pour in some cold water.   Liquid completely surrounds the beers, unlike ice cubes which leave air pockets.

Step 4:  Add the secret weapon:  salt…and liberally (I mean, a couple of cups).  You should now have a soupy mixture surrounding your beers, which will be about 25 degrees Fahrenheit.  Those who paid attention in Chemistry class know that salt significantly lowers the freezing point of water.

Step 5:  Wait 5 minutes and crack open a cold one!  Your once room-temperature beers should now be a refreshing 30 degree temperature.  Ahhh!


If you’re flying solo, here’s how to cool a single brewski:

Before you throw that loose bottle in the freezer, remember this trick!

Step 1:  Wrap a couple of paper towels around your beer.

Step 2:  Run the towel-wrapped bottle under some cold tap water.  It should be fully saturated but not dripping (to avoid ice forming in your freezer).

Step 3:  Pop it in the freezer.  Wait 8-12 minutes.  We recommend setting your cell phone timer so you don’t forget it’s in there.  If you have a habit of forgetting your beer in the freezer to later find it has exploded, cans are easier to clean up than broken bottles!

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