Waterproofing Yourself: The Guy’s Guide to Spring Rain Gear


By Bruce Sturgell of Chubster

Now that the winter snow has passed, we’ve got spring rain to contend with. While it’s better than freezing weather and whiteout conditions, rain can still be an inconvenience. Today we’ll talk about a few ways to prepare ourselves for stormy weather while still showing off our style.

Lightweight, but sturdy

We need something to protect us from the elements without turning us into a sweaty mess. It’s too warm to wear our heavy winter coats in a spring storm, so consider a windbreaker or military jacket to keep you dry without getting too hot. If you’re going for a totally different look, consider a trench coat or a peacoat. There’s usually a bit more to a trench, such as a removable interior liner, but they allow you to layer (and show off your layers) in a way that a peacoat doesn’t.

I’m a fan of the peacoat myself, but they look best when they’re buttoned and closed up, which, if you don’t have one that fits you well, can divide your body into segments that aren’t the most flattering look. Yet another reason it’s important to make sure your clothes fit well.

Go for the waxed jacket

If you’re going to be out in the rain for any extended period of time, and you want to try to up the “cool” factor, consider a waxed jacket. Made with waxed cotton, this type of jacket was specifically created for people who planned to spend a lot of time outdoors in less than optimal conditions. Most waxed jackets are very functional, with a vintage look that’d be appropriate to wear to the pub or out on a hunting expedition. You’ll be hard pressed to find more durable outerwear that looks so good, regardless of the situation.

Rain boots are back

You’d be forgiven if you think of those yellow rubber boots you wore as a kid when you hear someone talking about rain boots. The truth is there are some great looking waterproof boots being made by a few different companies in a variety of styles that’ll work with almost any look you’re wearing. I recommend picking up a rain boot with a leather or waxed canvas and rubber upper combo. It looks better than a solid black rubber boot and is usually a higher quality. There are a ton of great looking boots on the market, and every guy should have at least one pair for those extra rainy days.

Get a big boy umbrella

Even rainy weather accessories allow us to put our own stamp on our look while staying dry. First things first – if you don’t already own one, you need to go out right now and buy an umbrella. I’m not talking about one of those gas station specials you can get for $5, but an actual umbrella an adult would want to be seen carrying. Choosing between folding and stick is personal preference, but whether to buy quality shouldn’t even be a question. This is one of those items you don’t want to be shopping for over and over, so getting an umbrella you know will last is important.  You can find quality umbrellas starting around $60 and moving up pretty quickly, depending on brand and construction.

Covered from head to toe

Now you’ve got the jacket, boots and umbrella, but what about the hat? Luckily, there are a variety of rain hats for men ranging in styles from touring caps to trapper hats. It probably shouldn’t surprise you that there are also some great looking waxed cotton caps out there that are sure to keep your head from getting too wet on that walk from the car to the office.

That’s everything you need to brave whatever spring throws at you. What waterproof outerwear item is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.


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