Mad for Mad Men Style

madmenI have to say, man, the 60s were suave!  Thanks to the popularity of Mad Men, the styles of the 60s are back and better than ever. That’s good news for big guys like us; because nothing looks better than a well-tailored suit. Here are some tips for incorporating some Don Draper style into your look.

Skinny striped neckties and fitted, tapered dress pants are a great start for a work or dress look. Add a gingham patterned dress shirt and side-parted, gelled hair and you’ll fit right in at any corporate meeting.

For a 60s take on a more casual outfit, pair the necktie with a solid or gingham dress shirt and swap the pants for straight cut jeans.  Throw on a solid or slightly patterned blazer to complete the look.  Definitely a step up from the usual T-shirt and jeans uniform most of us sport on the weekend.

So, come on, guys, let’s change it up a little with some 1960s dapperness.  You never know, maybe you’ll make partner, land that big account and get into some Mad Men-style shenanigans of your own.

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