Batter Up: Baseball Style

Peanuts, popcorn, crackerjacks. A hot dog fresh off the grill paired with an ice cold beer. It’s that time of year again…baseball season. And no matter who we’re rooting for, we should be doing it in style. Here are a few tips to look your best on and off the field.

95916_HoodieDepending on your location, it could be pretty chilly early in the season. Keep warm while supporting the home team with a hoodie that sports the team’s logo. Add a baseball cap for comfort, style and an additional shout out to the team.

96674_TeeWhen the weather starts to warm up, switch to a vintage-looking logo tee that lets you keep up the team support while looking a little more stylish than your standard logo tee. Pair it with a classic pair of jeans and you’ll look right at home, whether you’re watching the game live at the stadium or with your buddies at the local sports bar.

R8340_ShirtsNow if you’re bringing a date to the ballpark, you need to step up your game.  I suggest leaving the team apparel at home and upgrading to a nice designer baseball-style jersey. Paired with a pair of black jeans and a nice pair of boots, it’s dressy enough to look like you made an effort but still cool and casual.

There you have it, Baseball style 101. Now let’s go put those season tickets to use. So what’s your favorite ballpark look? Let us know in the comments below.

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