Adding Color and Pattern to Your Look


By Bruce Sturgell of Chubster

Sometimes it’s difficult to break out of the style box we put ourselves in, especially when it comes to integrating more color or pattern into your look. Most of us have always heard that dark colors are the way to go when you’re a big guy, but that’s not always true. Today we’ll take a look at how the season, trends, and understanding your tone can help you brighten up your style.

Brightening Up Your Look

If you’ve never worn brighter colors, you’re probably not going to run right out and buy the first yellow polo you see.96609 In fact, I’d recommend taking it slow and moving to colors that you think you’d be comfortable with. If you always wear black or gray, you might find that moving to colors like dark blue, dark brown, and green easier to swallow than going with something that stands out a bit more. Taking these smaller steps lets you try something new while still feeling O.K. with what you’re wearing, which is the ultimate goal anyway.

If you’re ready to jump in headfirst, take some advice from my last article and try some chalky or pastel colors with a darker or gray jacket. You can also go to the other end of the spectrum and wear white – it’s that time of year!

Finding the Pattern

R7688 Patterns are more difficult for us big guys because we’ve always been given rules to go along with them. It’s important to remember that those rules aren’t always right. In fact, some people say wearing vertical stripes is more slimming, while others say horizontal stripes do the same thing. Ultimately, does it really matter? First and foremost, wear what you’re comfortable with and don’t be afraid to wear what you think is interesting.

Just because you’re bigger doesn’t mean you can’t pay attention to trends. There are always those basic patterns that you can turn to, such as plaids, or even houndstooth, depending on the type of look you’re trying to create. As far as spring 2013 patterns, chevron is in and camo is in. If you’re not feeling very adventurous, you can also use a patterned dress shirt under a solid sweater or sweater vest – that way you can only see the pattern at the collar or cuffs, adding smaller, interesting accents to a basic look.

Time to Accessorize

R4845Adding accessories to a look is an easy way to add color or pattern to your style. With a more formal look, adding a colorful pocket square or tie can make you stand out. If you want your shoes to show your individuality and style, there are some amazing brogues and derby shoes on the market with colored soles that’ll help you stand out without going overboard.

You can do a lot with hats, as well. Consider integrating a tweed driving cap or flat cap into an otherwise dark style to add some color and pattern to your look.

Now you’ve got some tips to help you make your style stand out from the crowd by putting more color and pattern into your wardrobe. What color and pattern combinations have worked best for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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