Spring Jackets for Big Guys


By Bruce Sturgell of Chubster

For most of us, the weather is getting warmer and wearing that heavy wool coat won’t be an option for much longer. Spring is only a few weeks away, so it’s the perfect time to update your look with something a bit more seasonally-appropriate. How do you dress for warmer weather while adding a bit of style to your outfit? Integrate a few jackets into your spring wardrobe.

Spring Jacket Trends

You don’t want to rush out and pick up just any old jacket – do a little research and buy something that fits your style. If you’re unsure as to what’s “in” right now, you’re in luck. I’ve been following the trends and have a few tips that’ll help you create a spring look that you’ll actually want to wear using latest styles on the market.

DXL_96490_JacketCotton is the Key

Though the days are getting warmer, spring evenings and the errant thunderstorm can make it downright chilly. A cotton jacket will keep you well insulated from the elements without making you sweat. No matter what your style, chances are you’ll be able to find a cotton jacket to fit your needs. From trench to bomber, there’s something for everyone. If you’re like me and you prefer a vintage or blue collar look, consider a waxed jacket. Not only does it look great, it’s also waterproof.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Denim

Everyone says the denim jacket is in again, but did it ever really go away? This is one piece that’s worth spending a bit more money on – think of it as an investment. If you get a good denim jacket, you’ll be able to wear it for years to come. If it goes out of style for a while, don’t fret – it’ll come back in and you’ll have a great looking vintage jacket to wear with just about anything.

cardiganConsider the Cardigan

For those times when a jacket is too much, but you still need something to keep you warm and dry, consider a cardigan. I’m a recent convert to Team Cardigan myself, previously thinking that they just weren’t for me. I took a chance and picked one up to complete an outfit and it totally changed the dynamic of my look – think college professor from the 1950’s. Depending on what you wear your cardigan with, you can create a more contemporary look as well.

Add Some Color to Your Look

Admit it – you probably need more color in your wardrobe. If you’re like most guys, there are a few colors you’re comfortable with, and that’s almost all that fills your closet. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone a bit, because spring 2013 is all about brighter colors. Be Sport_Coatstrategic with your use of color, for example, try pairing a gray cotton blazer with a blue or green pastel polo to create a look that pops. Own a darker colored blazer? You can also streamline your look by layering a darker jacket over a lighter shirt.

Integrate Jackets Into Your Style

Above all, you want to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, and happy with the way you look, so keep an eye out for jackets that fit your own personal style. Take small steps out of your comfort zone by adding color to your look, or introducing a type of jacket into your wardrobe that you’ve never worn before. It’s a good way to expand your options without making huge changes that you’re just not sure about.

Keep in mind, though – if you DO want to make a big change to your look, spring is the perfect time to do it. Bright colors? Interesting patterns? Blazers with shorts? All of these are valid options – choose what you’re comfortable with and go for it!


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