Is Shopping for Jeans Giving You the Blues?


Nowadays, we can wear jeans everywhere from the office to our favorite hangout spot. We can dress them up or down, and the right pair can make us look and feel like a rock god. But you’ve got to know what makes that perfect pair. So, I’ve done the work for you. Here’s the lowdown on what to look for in a great pair of jeans.

Obviously, we want them to look good, but they need to be comfortable too. For us bigger guys, the best bet is either a classic cut or a relaxed fit, depending on our body type. I’ve found that those of us with larger thighs tend to prefer the relaxed fit to keep the jeans from being too tight. Leave the slim cut and skinny jeans to the Jonas Brothers. And when it comes to fit, everyone knows we’ve always got to check the rear view, because you know that’s what the women will be doing. We want a pair that fits well without being too loose or saggy.

The best colors are classic blue or a dark rinse. Avoid faded jeans or light blue rinses. Also on the list of what to avoid are any sort of crazy embellishments. Simpler is better when it comes to denim. Our goal is to look cool, not like an urban cowboy.

It can be easy to pick the wrong pair. After all, even the president was called out after wearing a pair of baggy, light blue jeans that the press referred to as “mom jeans”.  But, if we keep this information in mind the next time we go shopping for jeans, we’ll be sure to find the perfect pair. We may need to try on a few pairs to find them, but it’ll be worth it. Add a great tee shirt and a pair of aviators and we’re good to go. See you in the V.I.P. room!

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